What is Surreal Art to me?

What is Surreal Art to me?


I've always had a thing for surrealist artwork. A few of the most well known surrealist are Picasso, Dali, and Magritte. You can easily find examples of surrealism in the visual art departments of museums all over the world, as well as in popular culture. 

Surrealism originated out of Dada and Cubism, reactions to the times during the early the 1900's and World War One. The idea of the movement was to reject conformity and revolutionise people's experience through art. The most important center of this work was happening in Paris, but it was spreading to other parts of Europe, and now it's global.

lt spread to painting, film, and other forms of visual media throughout this time (early 1900's). Guillaume Apollinaire, a well known poet is credited with creating the term Surrealism in 1917. Andre Breton is a notable early leader of the movement. These times produced a handful of manifestos that were created by different groups, worth looking into. 

In my mind Surrealism can be described as the juxtaposition of different objects/ideas into new realities creating new forms of expressionism. Surrealism is a revolution in an unbound act that gives its user immense power to express ideas, emotions, and the culture of their choosing. 

What does this mean to me? It means I can create anything I want without limits. It's a liberating way to express, using digital collage art techniques to create has been the best way I've found to deal with the my own depression and anxiety.

Art gives us a way to express what we are seeing and feeling on the inside, to add color to movements, and to create entertainment, enjoyment, and social discourse.

I am thankful for that!

In Closing:

Thank you for reading and please know this is only my view of Surreal Artwork and its history, please do your own research as well, thank you!

Many of my favorite artists are found on Instagram. Here are a few of my favorite creators: @mr.babies @postwook @cult.class and @dynamodoh ! There are many many more, but I love what these four are doing, check them out for sure on IG !


Odell Hussey



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