My name is Odell Hussey and I make digital collage art. I love the endless possibilities I get working with different visual elements to create something brand new. I use elements from outer space, the natural world, and humanity to create my work. Ultimately I aim to create a new world that the observer can escape to, explore visually, and feel the vast possibilities of life beyond themselves.

My shop features select poster prints that are printed on 18X24 Canon Heavyweight Matte Coated Paper, which I print and ship to you promptly. I also create custom collages & animations for for clients. If you have any questions, please reach out via my contact page.

I come from a background of working in photography and video production so I've always enjoyed composing scenes. In photography I've covered events and portraits for the last 10 years plus years. I love how photography allows us to tell stories about people and events in a way where we engage directly with the subject(s) to create images that capture the moment.

I've edited video for 20 plus years, editing documentaries, event, and commercial videos for various clients throughout that time. Video is an amazing way to tell stories and bring forth new ideas. I am currently working on a series of uplifting and positive narrative driven videos that you can see featured here and on my Youtube channel.