Odell Hussey


My name is Odell Hussey and I’m a cosmic collage artist, animator, & ML Curator. 

My professional background is in photography and video production. I've always enjoyed composing scenes and telling stories through visuals.

When making my work I use elements from the cosmos, the natural world, and humanities connection to it all. 

I am a futurist when it comes to creative technology. I like to use ML when making art and in researching new ideas. But I also enjoy maintaining a high degree of involvement throughout the process. I still love moving things around with my mouse.

When creating visual art I use traditional digital collage techniques to make my compositions and I often use a combination of key frame animation and ML to animate the work.

If you have any questions or would like to inquire about commissions, please reach out via my contact page.


Odell Hussey 🤩