My name is Odell Hussey and I’m a cosmic collage artist, animator, AI Curator, photographer & video editor. 

When making collage art I use elements from space, the natural world, and humanity. I use 3D elements, photography and AI curations to make my compositions. I offer poster prints, cover art, and animations here at my shop.

My professional background is in photography and video production. I've always enjoyed composing scenes and telling stories through visuals. As a photographer I've covered events & shot portraits over the last 15 plus years. I offer event photography bookings here for the San Francisco Bay Area here on my site.

While working in video production I've been a camera operator on documentaries, promotional, and industrial videos. I've also work as a video editor on documentaries, orientation, and commercial videos for clients.

If you have any questions about my work or would like to inquire about a commission project, please reach out via my contact page.


Odell Hussey 🤩