The Creative Life

The Creative Life

Graphics_2The choice to be a creative is a calling that comes from within. It's a feeling that brings us to the place where we are compelled to make things. The feeling is one we can't ignore, we have to express it in whatever way we can. It just takes us getting started to see where it will lead. 

When I started working with video all those years ago, it was the joy I got from using the gear, recording the world in front of me, and interacting with subjects. Then editing the footage together into a finished piece was everything for me. The feeling I got was one of completeness and joy. It was a way for me to connect the world and make something of it. 

Fast forward through my time as a photographer and now working more with digital art. My process has always been one of inspiration and action within the idea of making work that brings visual happiness and joy to those who view it. As creatives we want people to like our work, but that's not always the case. This is sometimes the uncomfortable place that we find ourselves in. Not everything we do or make will be enjoyed by others. Do we keep going? That's up to each one of us. It's challenging to forge a career in the arts, but it's possible through perseverance and hard work.

The bottom line is you create because your compelled to do so, you answered the call, and you would love to do it all the time. Making a living from your artwork is the dream for many. That's the real challenge, it starts with finding your true fans, those who will celebrate you and support you through thick and thin. Whether your established or just starting out, having the courage to answer the call is the first step.

I encourage you all to do so!

- Odell




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