Life and Times of Odell Hussey, Jan 2022

Life and Times of Odell Hussey, Jan 2022

Hello Everyone, ✋ 😀

This a general post of what's going on with the art and me. The year in general so far has been a very productive one. The art has been flowing from my fingertips like a dream and I'm grateful for the meaning a color it's added to my life. I love creating and having others see it, feel it, and enjoy it for however long they are in front of it.

I am currently building out my first NFT collection and have busy learning everything I can. Weighing the pros and cons of it I have come to the conclusion that it's time. The first release will be in the next couple of weeks and will be on Open Sea using the Polygon Blockchain. 

In closing one of the most exciting and life changing things I have been working on is my own mental health. Living my life through positive imaginated states of being. You do this by focusing in on a vision or state you want for yourself  ( i.e. money, success, a new job), paying attention to what it feels like, smells like, etc ... in the vision. You meditate on this vision often until it becomes real in your life. This way of thinking was taught by Neville Goddard and others. It has been a key to progress with my art and life in general. If interested just google Neville Goddard and you will find what I am talking about.

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