Moving Forward  from Within

Moving Forward from Within

Everyday we get to create and express ourselves through our creativity is blessing in this life. I've been going deeper and deeper within myself through meditation. It has helped me to calm my mind and focus on my future clearly. Moving away from thinking too much, and into imagining much more.

You can unlock your inner creator through imagining yourself doing the work you want to do. You can do this by closing your eyes and meditating on a picture of you making the work. How does that feel? What do you see? Follow your breathe upward slow inhaling and exhaling in rhythm with your vision. 

It takes time and practice, but the benefits are immense! 

From here begin acting out your vision in real time, start creating your work. Does it match the vision. Continue to align these two acts, not by force but by your imagination. Overtime you will begin creating and imaging automatically without even thinking about. You only need to prioritize the time to sit or walk and commit to the vision.

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