May Thoughts

"Time is going by way too fast", I make this comment often to myself, many days I bury my head so deep in the work I do, that time is forgotten. It's replaced by the joy to create and the use of my imagination. It's like being a kid again, and I love that feeling. So it's a trade off in a way, joy for time.

Here's two pieces from my most recent work. The Balance of Power & Gingko-Fuji-Sun, 2022. Balance of Power is all about my amazement at how we are all here on this little planet surviving somehow. That seems to be under threat on so many levels, I pray we can take care of this wonderful world we have here.

Ginkgo-Fuji-Sun reflects my love for Japan and imagery inspired by it. I've also always loved the shape of Ginkgo leaves, and who doesn't love Mount Fuji!! Enjoy these, both coming to the store very soon.