Looking forward

Looking forward


The Tree, 2021 by Odell Hussey

This year has been a blessing in many ways, even though it's been challenging losing all my photography and video clients due to the pandemic. I know many other creatives have faced similar situations, and my I hope is that I can help to support those in the community that need it through my work and affirmations.

I've come across so many new lessons and information this year by masters from the past and some in the present. I want to dedicate some of these blog posts to highlighting the more powerful tools I've found that we can use to move our creative dreams forward.

Visualizing is one of the most powerful forms of bringing forth an idea into reality. A teaching called "Living in the End" is an example of this I've come across this year. I discovered it studying the teachings of Neville Goddard. This teaching is more than just visualizing, it's about feeling the goal already being achieved, you do this by adding great detail to the vision.

It's a powerful way to use visualization and the subconscious to achieve what you want. You simply imagine yourself already accomplishing the goal you have in mind. You can see yourself so clearly achieving your dream. If you reflect upon this vision often, the dream will materialize in reality in time. You must have faith that it's already been done and that it will appear in your life in due time.

This can be used on any goal, even the simplest ones. It's important to be relaxed and to have emotion and feeling when using this technique, your feeling and emotion will help to make it real. 

You can find lots of videos and info about Neville Goddard's teachings on the internet. His outside the box thinking is not for everyone, but I find it might be exactly what you need on your creative journey.

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