Being a Creative Today

Being a Creative Today


Being a creative today means so many things, with the advent of AI, NFTs, and various other digital technologies we have so many tools and options to make and distribute our work. But what remains important is the power of storytelling, and our consistency with the work we make. No matter the tools that come about we still must engage the world in a unique and a useful way.

I've been doing this Creative thing for the past 25 years. I've worked as a photographer, videographer, & editor during that time. But I really connected with my inner creative on a new level when I moved to making digital collage art. It allowed me to connect to all of my visual passions & skills. I could try more things and make more mistakes, therefore getting better. It was a huge leap forward for me as a creator. 

The big question now is how has AI technology influenced the work we create. One thing it has done is bring about a sea of amazing images and questions. We know about controversy pitting traditional artists verse AI artists. It's a lot to take in and think about. But what I have found using it everyday is that it's no magic button, it's a powerful tool that can be used in any number of ways to improve workflow, quality, and value. Yes you can make tons of images, alienate traditionalists, mimic a famous artists style, but ultimately you have to be original if you want to use it for the long term and standout.

I use it mainly to be the replacement for photography in my collage art pieces & animations. Before I would hunt and search for images on various web sources to find the right image, now I can now just create it with AI. Is it the same? No, it's different and you will be drowning is too many images, but I think with time it will become more streamlined for everyone. Imagine drawing or painting in a physical way with AI, making living paintings, or physically moving images around with augmented devices, making movies and animations in brand new ways. It's all going to happen in ways that will get better.

More to come for sure, keep creating and loving art no matter how you make it!

- Odell




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