Achieving the Dream

Achieving the Dream

Achieving our dreams and seeing them into something great is what we all aspire to do as creatives. We want people to love our work, understand it, and buy buy buy everything we have for sale. 

Getting ourselves and our work to that higher level takes time, patiences, and a clear vision. Ideally we can find a niche that aligns with our creative purpose and is also appealing to others. It doesn't matter if those around you understand this, most likely they won't, but you must clearly see it. 

It really starts with that visualization, coupled with faith, over time rewards you with the success you seek. But this won't happen under pressure or unclear demands, be clear and relaxed, enjoy the process, and like magic your vision will flower in due time. 

Practice believing in the unseen, feeling the energy of your successful vision, and having faith that it's all coming together in due time.

- Odell 

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