2021 A Year in Review

2021 A Year in Review

I started 2021 off with a head full of dreams, and a new change in direction career wise, and dealing with pandemic like all of us.

I will focus in on the best parts of 2021, the art being front and center. I gave myself over to my art full time this year. I put in the extra time to grow out my style and peel away some of the old layers. It can take many hours of creating before you lock into a style that connects with people and one that comes naturally.

The combination of doing my art and working with positive affirmations, I was able right myself mentally from all the loss I had encountered over the last 2 years with pandemic. I found like many that I could use that time to "find  myself" and build something better in such a negative time.

That is what 2021 is for me, a time of discovery, honing new found skills, creating video art reels, growing my IG account, selling my art online, and much more.

Also I would be a miss if if I didn't mention the impact of teachers like Neville Goddard, Napoleon Hill, & Christian D. Larson have had on me. All of these things and more made 2021 a great transitional year, one that is leading to an awesome 2022. 

How about you? Try listing out the highlights from your year. Give yourself the extra love and appreciate you deserve. Keep your head up and stay positive always. 

Love, Odell






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